All happening in July

Our Loire Atlantique gites are perfectly placed for guests (and us) to enjoy many attractions close by. 

This year saw the fabulous Tour de France whoosh its way from St Nazaire where an enterprising group of farmers created a wonderful tribute to their favourite national sport  .  Then it went via St Gilda du Bois and finished the 3rd stage in Redon.    I would have loved to be there but this year I just couldn’t get away so made do with a preview of the roundabout specially created for the event and watching it on TV.    

As we are quite fond of racing here in our neck of the woods as it’s so unpretentious we took Ian’s daughter who was visiting to the meet at Nort sur Erdre last week.   It was our first time at that track and we were quite impressed by the facilities.  It certainly made an impression on me as I had my largest win ever, a whole 11€ !  it was a lovely afternoon out and you can find these at least every week somewhere nearby throughout the season. 

On another day out we took her to la baule and along the cote sauvage, it was difficult to believe that we were there in peak holiday season and on a lovely sunny day as the beaches were so empty.   I was impressed by the amount of stuff there is for children along the beaches as well as the more usual sports like windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing etc.   For whatever reason, that particular stretch of coast was beset by a mini plague of ladybirds, they were everywhere and it was hard not to step on them while walking.   A very strange sight I found was further along the cote sauvage,  an area where the snails all congregated on grass stalks.  I have never seen anything like that before.

More local – Le Tempo bar in Guemene has organised a live music evening every Wednesday throughout summer, the evening I went had a very talented blues singer giving it his all.   Unfortunately yesterday’s Bastille day celebrations in Guemene were a bit of a wash out as it didn’t stop raining all day, however although I didn’t brave the elements it sounded like people managed to have a great time and the fireworks still went off with a bang.     That’s the nice thing about the towns staggering their celebrations, even if the weather is foul on the day itself, you’ll still find somewhere nearby doing its thing on a nice night.

Ian has really outdone himself with pallets and created the shed to die for.  This started out as an ordinary garden shed but has now become my sewing workshop, with electricity, lighting, plasterboarded throughout and with a great work counter , I can now set up my machine there and get on with so much that I’ve put off doing as in our cubby hole of a home, I have to put everything away if we want a table to have dinner on.  Having  created this, he then went on to build another mini shed for the mowers and gardening stuff, how cool is that?   What a man!

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